Rotterdam / Architecture Biennale / different venues

This week the third Architecture Biennale of Rotterdam has started. This years’ theme is Power – Producing the Contemporary City, which makes me curious, since we’ve dealt with the subject of Empowerment quite much on this weblog. The programme is a jungle of exhibitions, lectures and discussions. I’ve tried to make a shortlist with my personal favourites. Reports and reviews will follow.


Five teams of architects and theorists have researched fourteen cities and came up with proposals for possible futures and answers to problems that will emerge there. The exhibition is curated by the Berlage Institute and involves – among many others – Supersudaca, about whom I wrote this post.

Shows the work of groups of architects and artists who, in their practice, are not interested in defining just the form of a building, but rather in stimulating collective processes, spontaneous creativity and activism in order to incite a new political role for architecture.
– From the biennale website

The Istrike foundation is organising a series of lectures, workshops and presentations at Stichting B.A.D. The events aim at developing new social and architectural strategies for the Charlois neighbourhood, recently labelled by the government as one of the ‘problem districts’ of Rotterdam.
Involves lectures from Jeanne van Heeswijk, Daniel van der Velden, Stealth, Siebe Thissen and others.


  • Open! Strategies for a better world – NAI – 28 May

multi-table debate involving our own Point of View contributor Francesca Recchia and furthermore Ana Dzokic (Stealth Unlimited), Zvi Efrat, Jeanne van Heeswijk, Dennis Kaspori, Matthias Pauwels (Bavo) and more.

  • Cultural Empowerment – NAI – 01 Jun

Lecture by Peter Sellars

  • Public/Private Power: Publieke ruimte en private krachten – 7 June, 17:30

Private sector developers seek involvement in public space. What are the opportunities and responsibilities for commercial property and land developers, builders and others in shaping the public spaces of the city?
With a.o. Hamit Karakus (Alderman, Housing/Spatial Planning, Rotterdam), Astrid Sanson (direcor, City & Housing Development, dS+V), Rudy Stroink (director TCN Property Projects), Margriet Drijver (board, Com.Wonen)
In Dutch

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