One million Chinese art graduates #2

This is a short note in addition to the previous post from Po and Janna about the fact that this year 1 million art students will graduate in China. Apparently Saatchi is among our fans (where else could you read on all exciting things happening in art today) and came up with a solution to jump into this ‘emerging market’.

In an attempt to get a grip on the Chinese art market, Saatchi has created a Mandarin version of the online gallery website Your Gallery. Not only out of self-interest, Saatchi states that the Chinese art scene contains too few places for young artists to show their work. The website offers the possibility for Chinese artists to create a Chinese profile as well as an English one.

The gallery provides space for around 20.000 Chinese artists. Now if we do some math, this would host around 2% of art graduates this year, a number split in half next year and already down to 0.4% in five years. Perhaps with our own Point of view weblog we could cover a modest share of around 0.001%? The point is of course that Chinese artists will have to find ways themselves to distribute work their work, which I’m sure will be an interesting development. Therefore, on behalf of all Point of view contributors, I’d like issue an open invitation for Chinese artists to join our weblog (please, don’t react all 1 million at once) and keep us posted!

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