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Where were you the 11th of March 1977?

I’ve get up this morning and, as usual, before even getting awake, I have turned on my computer and checked my e-mails. Very few messages this morning as every Sunday morning, but one of them, today, had a very curious object: Where were you the 11th March of 1977? 

It was a sort press release by Roberto Cascone (artist) that I have met some time ago, when I was taking part of Oreste project. Here is his email:

Ita: Trent’anni fa esatti partecipavo ai miei primi scontri di piazza, a Bologna. Ieri ho visto un film di Guido Chiesa su Radio Alice (informazioni sul film qui) e ho scoperto che molti miei amici sono diventati più o meno famosi, che altri, con i quali ho lavorato negli anni Novanta, lo erano già allora. E tu dov’eri l’11 marzo 1977?

Eng: “Exactly thirty years ago, I was taking part to my first street protests in Bologna. Yesterday I have seen a movie by Guido Chiesa about Radio Alice, (information about the film here) and I have found out that some of my friends became some sort of famous, and that others among which I have worked with in the 90’s were already famous back than. And You, where were you the 11th of march 1977?” [translation is mine… sorry]

Thirty years ago I was little more than two years old. And I was probably in the Hospital of Pesaro or somewhere playing, in my parents house, with a plaster on my leg due to my personal story…
I have not seen this documentary yet. What I feel thought is that the social memories of our childhood has got stolen. We (my generation) has no memory of that period. It was for sure one of the most difficult period of my country (Italy). But all I know I had to find it out by myself. No one’s really talk about it. It seems that we have been hypnotized by the 80’s. I am using the word “find” because some of the things happened than, are still “kept hidden”. Our parents, mothers and fathers, teachers, did not tell us anything about that period. Nothing of our background history is raised and discussed in our education. We do not know what our parents thought, believed, flighted for. Things have started to change a bit, small signals are appearing since the late 90’s. But I think that we are still, all, too much distracted. I have the feeling that we are forgetting where we are coming from. 


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