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Flash mobs

Sergio Davila, Amsterdam – There is something fascinating about the flash mobs. It is amazing that human ability of synergic action. A guy in Japan finds himself suddenly followed by a group of 500 people, obviously he feels very scared. I wonder what is happening in the head of the mayor of Milan when he finds out that the city center has been invader by a huge crowd armed with pillows and they are starting a revolution. In this video 400 people suddenly appears in the field to support the ‘Hässelby’ a kid’s football team in Stockholm, and immediately something changes in the minds and the way of playing in these kids.

When I was 8, I used to spend hours staring and following a row of ants marching in the patio of my home. Nowadays I still have that biological amusement for the collaborative processes. Maybe Erich Fromm wasn’t right when he said that giving up your individuality is being afraid of your freedom. In my opinion flash mobs, smart mobs and similes are a great techniques to engage people in a collaborative process and would encourage the need to find new possibilities for them.

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“Veiling the unveiled truth”: the conceptual art of Silvio Berlusconi
Published August 3, 2008 by Antonio Scarponi

We all know that the Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is a man of talents. First of all he is a man of spectacle, a perfect actor from the old school. He is able to dance, sing and his practical jokes are famous world wide [...] We all know these skills, but recently in two occasion he demonstrated also to have great talent as conceptual artist.
Made in Sweden
Published July 9, 2008 by Trial and error

On a recent journey we visited two well-known Asian landmarks: The Chinese Dragon Gate and the Royal Thai Pavilion, both located in remote places in Sweden.
From motorcycles to 3,5 million pieces of art
Published July 3, 2008, 2008 by Marja Salaspuro and Sergio Davila

Can classical conservative museum structure keep its historically layered architecture, rooms, collections and objects – and still attract the interest of the modern visitors, mainstream tourists and experience seeking travelers? A philosophical reconsideration around the purpose of museums in our era and the architect’s role as a curator.

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My Sweden: Clean spaces, Clean information
Published June 12, 2007 by Trial and Error

”I dont understand what you mean by street art. If it has no permission, it is regular destruction and should be punished. I think it is equal to destroying someones car.”
Mikael Söderlund, vice mayor Stockholm ...
Twinkle, twinkle, little star, How I wonder where you are?
Published January 3, 2008 by Katja Aglert

Imagine a future generation who has never seen a star in real life. It’s a future when the night sky has transformed into a thick layer of artificial light and micro particles that doesn’t let through the sight of any stars or planets, not even the moon is visible. What effect would that have on us and other life forms on earth? ...