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Power to (all) the People! good luck to the other half of us

The space in a picture is like a property: the bigger the better, especially in a map.

This one is about the amount of people represented by a female head of state or president in world countries. In this picture, each state is scaled according to its population, with this criteria: 1pixel=1000 people. It is a representation of the world based on its population rather than country’s territories.

It is part of a project of mine called Human World: an atlas that propose a representation of the cultural and political information of our world displayed on demographic basis. This project uses Alighiero Boetti‘s maps code by flipping the concept of “flag” from the territory to its population.

For the people who are not familiar with the lady’s point-of-view, the countries where a female head of state is in charge (2006) are: Finland, Germany, Ireland, Latvia, Switzerland, in Europe; Chile, Jamaica, in South America; Mozambique and Liberia in Africa; and New Zealand, South Korea, Philippines, in Asia and Oceania.

In a “democratic” world we would have, approximately, the same amount of people in power from both sexes. Shouldn’t we?

In the next days we will have the chance to turn a small pinkish spot of this map in full colours, therefore a chance to make a democracy more democratic (?) – maybe at list from a gender perspective, what ever that means…

Good luck to all the women that are trying to make it.

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